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In today’s modern digital world, the ecommerce business is gaining momentum. We are now depending on the online marketplace to sell or purchase different products. But there are several products that you are not allowed to sell online or need specials permits for selling online.

Here are some of the products that you cannot sell through an online retail marketplace in the United States without special permits.


Guns can be legally purchased online in the United States but from a licensed dealer. But for out of state shipping, the order should be placed by a Federal-Firearm Licensee. That means a person can order guns online, but they have to pick them from a licensed dealer. The dealer will check whether the buyer is legal or not. According to federal law ay person who engages in selling firearms must be licensed.


In most of the states in the US, people can order alcohol online and have it shipped to their home. However, in states like Alabama, Massachusetts, Illinois Alaska, Utah, and Mississippi, it is illegal to buy alcohol online. If you try to ship alcohol to these states, it will be considered a felony and can lead to severe legal penalties.


Animal rights activists have always fought against the ecommerce sales of animals. In many states, shopping of pets online and shipping them to your home is legal, despite the protests by the animal rights groups. The laws and regulations of the transport conditions of pet and domestic animals vary in each state and territory. The selling of exotic animals is considered illegal in many states of the US. If someone is offering you an exotic animal online, do a thorough internet search and find out whether your state allows it or not.

Prescription Drugs

The ecommerce of some prescription drugs is banned by the federal government. The pharmacy landscape of today’s world is changing due to the advent of telemedicine doctors. These doctors are only allowed to prescribe a few medications, such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives, allergy meds, high blood pressure medications, antifungals, decongestant nasal sprays, and cholesterol-fighting drugs.


Not all tobacco products cannot be sold through an online store. In the majority of states, it is illegal to purchase cigarettes from an online store. However, the online purchase of cigars is legal. Before you try to sell or purchase tobacco products online, you must check the state laws to avoid any legal complications.

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