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There is a popular “P Formula” that should be continuously evaluated while carrying out a business activity, especially after developing the marketing strategies for your business, since all the crucial factors such as markets, products, and customers along with their needs are evolving at a rapid rate. These popular Ps are beneficial in making you achieve the best possible results in an online marketplace.


Developing the habit of looking at the product of your own business like a marketing consultant from outside who is liable to help your business, to decide if it is in the right business during the time is very important. Asking yourself critical questions along with developing the habit of approaching the business honestly can help you stand out on marketplaces. It can also help you to decide whether you should offer particular products and services in the current marketplace.


Always stick on to the habit of continuous examination as well as a re-examination of the product prices as well as service costs to make sure that they are in alignment with the reality of the current market. You would mostly need to lower and increase the price of your products occasionally, and this mainly depends on the changes that take place in the market.


Promotion is an important strategy of marketing, mainly to improve the overall sales of your business. It mostly incorporates all the ways in which you tell the buyers about the products and services of your business that is made available on a marketplace. Even very small change in the ways in which an SEO marketing company promote, advertise and sell the products can bring in a huge change in the results.


The place where the products and services of your business are sold is another P element. Therefore, always stick on to reviewing and reflecting upon the location where buyers meet the salesperson. Most of the time, a change in place can often lead to a huge increase in your sales.


The packaging is the sixth element that is present in the marketing mix. Have the habit of taking all the visual elements of packing the products and services into consideration through the eyes of a critic. Always keep in mind that people usually have the habit of forming the first impression of business during the first thirty seconds of seeing the major elements of it. Minute improvements in the external appearance like packing the product can result in gaining positive reactions about your business.


Positioning is the next element that should be taken into consideration. Always stick on to thinking continuously about how you are positioned in the minds of your customers and also about ways in which the positioning can be improved.

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