What Are The Do’s And Dont’s Of Online Market Places

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Online Clothing Stores
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Online Retail Marketplace

Selling online may seem intimidating for many, especially to those who have not ventured through the digital aspect of your entrepreneurial pursuit. However, the fear of the unknown is what truly best represents this situation.

We will be going through some of the Do’s and the Dont’s to ensure that when you’re creating an online market place you are placing your best foot forward, and you rake in the most. Let us begin…


Developing a strategy

There needs to be a plan of action that you must have sketched out. It is important to have a sound marketing strategy to ensure that resources and expenses are not needlessly wasted.

Search Words

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world, you cannot sell it if no one knows or hears about it. The same stands all the more true in the case of an online market place. Make sure to employ sound SEO (search engine optimization) practices so as to climb higher in the listing. When prospects search something related to the service or your company, you must make sure that it comes up in the first few results on the first page of the search result.

Product Description

Make sure that the product or service description you are providing is concise, accurate and a clear representation of what it would be, had they walked in and asked you in a physical store. If you make use of words or phrases that are vague, then chances are that customers may not feel impressed enough to click ‘add to cart’ and make a payment.


Humans are visual creatures. We respond and remember images and visual cues, than we ever do with textual material. Now you not only have the option of including images but also video, to ensure that customers know what they are buying into. Your sales team and marketing team can work in close coordination to ensure better pitching of a product. This way you can pull in more happy customers.


Chuck Feedback In The Trash

Most of the marketplaces allow the customer to leave their experience, feedback and ratings. Future customers who stumble across to your website will be going through these. Therefore, take the feedback extremely seriously! There may be issues relating to returns, or cancellation orders, or issues with the quality and many more. Bad ratings are a stain on your reputation. If you continue in the path of not addressing your customer’s problems, they will kick you to the curb at the drop of a hat. 

Sell More Than You Can Handle

Make sure quality and not quantity is your forte. Dig into niche products and don’t be in the rush to sell many products under your brand, that too all at the same time, in your online retail marketplace.

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