9 Reasons Why You Need To Start An Ecommerce Store ASAP!

Businesses have evolved with age for time immemorial. It can be drawn back from the barter system being the earliest form to now products being shipped and sent flying across the sky. Technological advancements are creating more exciting opportunities and it is upto businesses to adapt and shift with the change. The days of billboards besides highways are out of the door, and the age of digital and targeted marketing is being welcomed with open arms. What a time to be alive, if you ask me!

But should your business also shift with the times? Do you feel your business will turn obsolete and irrelevant on the onset of the digital age? Last thing you would want is to see your store board housing cobwebs! We tell you the reasons why creating an online market place is your “Numero Uno” priority!

1. Your Reach Is All Over The Globe!

The best thing by far about having an e-commerce store is that a person sitting in Bulgaria can look through your services, or a person in Sierra Leone can have it shipped over. The reach is unprecedented. Your business is not limited to merely your locality or country. Your sales ceiling is no more!

2. No Closing Hours

Your business is open 24×7! Anybody can access your services at any time. Your customers can enjoy round-the-clock convenience of purchasing what they want and more importantly when they want it. This means you won’t lose out on sales because “your shop was closed”.

3. Expand Your Brand

You can easily incorporate and diversify your services and products. Customers can ask for more personalized goods that suit their requirement. Still has no idea what I’m talking about? Look at what Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace business did! Amazon began its journey as website that sells books. It then expanded to a more niche e-book segment, and now everything under the sun is sold at Amazon!

4. Incorporate Digital Marketing Nuances To Your Business!

You can increase your exposure by incorporating key elements of SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advertising. With more and more internet users coming up, there is a higher possibility that your target audience will be amongst them. For a short term basis you can either make do with paid advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google to name a few. If you want a more long term approach then create an online market place packed with content and goodies for your customers to learn and cherish from. In other words, create organic growth.

Create easily shareable content and engage your customers with special competitions or vouchers to drive more and more traffic to your e-commerce website.

5. Convenient

People nowadays have very busy schedules. More often times they may only be able to get a Sunday off to unwind, and physically searching through countless stores to get what they have in mind becomes a cumbersome ordeal. Chances are that your customers are too tired to come to you. Well, that is why you go to them! The e-commerce store allows your customer to shop online and make purchases during their off times or lunch breaks. Not only that, people with disability also find it much simpler to have products they enjoy delivered right to their doorstep. Better for them; better for your business.

6. Overheads Plummet

You needn’t keep physical inventories of the products. You are saving on space to display the products to your customers, stave off of rental space, utility bills, staff to manage, and security. What this amounts to is a hefty bill! You can reinvest this amount into other aspects such as logistics and marketing to further your reach.

7. You Can Make It More Personalized

You can use your e-commerce market place to influence your customers. You can show them things they might like or “other who bought this, also bought” tab which is relevant to their shopping. You can add the option to track their parcel and confirm deliveries to make sure that they are ready to take the parcel

8. Higher Conversion Rate

The chances for potential buyers to click the “Buy now” button is more, knowing that they can instantly make a purchase and have it delivered within a couple of days!

9. Less Riskier

The fact that you need only a much smaller dedicated work force definitely helps. Since there is no physical shop there are lesser chances of robbery and damaged goods.

The Conclusion

Setting up an E-commerce website is the best thing to extend your business right now. You can combine the both of them to get the best result. Making the change to the former and embracing the welcome of Ecommerce is truly what can give you an edge over your rivals! So don’t brood over what you need to do, instead hope on and enjoy the process of being an E-entrepreneur.

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