Digital And Traditional Marketing: Who Triumphs Who?

Online Retail Marketplace
Online Retail Marketplace
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Online Marketplace Business

The idea of marketing has a very different meaning nowadays, even though the crux remains unchanged. With the advent of internet, business owners are now starting to see the reach that it can provide their business and are slowly migrating to creating an online market place. Niches that used to rely on traditional marketing methods such as newspaper agencies have begun to make ripples in the digital marketing arena by incorporating an online marketplace business model.

But if you are asked as to whether traditional marketing tactics have been left to gather dust, then saying a “yes” would be, as wrong as you can get…

Traditional Marketing

It involves the still popular facets such as business cards, printed ads, posters, pamphlets and ads on the magazine or newspaper. This can extend to TV’s, billboards, radio and even word of mouth marketing by means of referrals. It still is and will continue to be used for years to come!

Nothing means more than somebody referring your businesses services/products to another prospect.

The major downfall of only sticking to this type of marketing is the lack of targeted advertisement. Everything is broadcasted for everyone to see, irrespective of whether you would ever need it or not!

Digital Marketing

It is the marketing that makes use of the connectivity, flexibility and reach of the internet. The best thing of digital marketing is the content is highly targeted. Meaning the ads/content you see is different from what your friend sees. Say you wanted to buy a dog and you search online for shelter to adopt from, you will have essentials such as dog food, dog leash, and dog shampoo targeted and shown to you. For somebody who has no interest in pets and doesn’t have a dog, these ads mean nothing. This is where digital marketing wins over traditional marketing; targeted content.

So Who Wins?

Neither! What your business needs is a balance of both, to market well and to expand your reaches. There are disadvantages to both that can be beautifully neutralised if used in the right way, at the right time.

A Balance Of Both

You can make use of traditional marketing for people have become accustomed to seeing ads in readable physical media like newspapers and magazines, and the personal connection that is made help cement future business. You can use this with digital marketing to help widen your companies reach and not limit yourself to only local audience.

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