Marketplace Vs Your Own E-commerce Website: Which Is Better?

Safe Online Market Place
Safe Online Market Place
Online Marketplace To Sell
Online Marketplace To Sell

When planning to sell your products online, you can have two options. The first option is to choose an online marketplace to sell them, whereas the second choice is to set up your own e-commerce site. Both these options have their own positives and negatives. Therefore, you have to choose an option that suits you the best. If you are confused about choosing the perfect option for you, then this article can be helpful for you, as we provide some of the important information you want to know about selling your products through the online marketplace and your own e-commerce store.

Online Marketplace

It includes selling your products through already existing marketplaces. In an online marketplace, there will be a wide array of products from different sellers. It is similar to a shopping mall where you have access to different items including clothes, accessories, electronic items, household items, etc. Some of the most popular online marketplaces in the world include Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

When selling through the online marketplace, there will be three parties involved: the customer, the vendor, and the marketplace administrator. Here, the company will maintain the website, invests money and time to attract the customers, provide safe shopping, and secure payment. Most e-commerce sites work by charging a commission from the sellers.

Selling through the online marketplace is easy, as it allows you to create an account and sell your products. You can do this in a day or less. The online marketplace will be already established and will have a wide customer base. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find your potential customers. So they can help you to cut down the costs and risks to a great extent.

E-Commerce Sites

It means setting up your own website for selling your products and services. The site can be exclusively used for selling your products. Only two parties will be involved here, the seller and the customers. So you won’t have to give the share of your profit to a third party.

But unlike the online marketplace, when selling through an e-commerce site, the vender will have to set up and maintain the site, attract the customers, and provide secure shopping. Here, you will be able to customize the site based on your needs and gives you more freedom to sell your products based on your likes.

You can use your own e-commerce site or online marketplace to sell your products. If you are new to online selling, then it is better to choose an online marketplace, as it will allow you to sell your products easily. But if you are already well-established in this field, then starting your own e-commerce site can be a great idea.

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