An Introductory Guide To Three-Stone Engagement Ring Setting

Three Stone Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring Setting

A three-stone engagement ring refers to a jewelry piece set with three gemstones. A gem stands for the past, the centerpiece represents the present and the other stone symbolizes the future of a relationship. So, it is also known as a past present and future engagement ring.

If you are considering a more unique engagement ring than your usual solitaire piece, the one with the trinity setting is a good option. Whether you are looking for a custom-designed piece or a readymade one, consider visiting to fulfill your objective. Remember all the following points when you shop for an engagement ring.

Tell Your Story With Three Stones

You will want to select a ring your girlfriend will love, preferably one which fits her style and your budget. Like many other couples, you might also find the timeless token of love to be in the form of three gemstones set on a ring band.

Usually, the centerpiece in a trinity engagement ring is bigger than the other two stones set on its two sides. Many choose it since to them, its three gems stand for the three timelines or phases in their relationship. Alternatively, the trinity ring can represent love, friendship and fidelity.

Do you want an engagement ring for her to have a more profound and personal meaning? If you do, the trinity ring might just be your best bet.

A Statement Piece

Does your fiancée wish to wear something classic and different from the sea of sparkle out there? If she does, you should definitely consider choosing the trinity engagement ring for her. It will allow for creativity when designing the ideal token of your everlasting commitment.

For instance, you can choose her birthstone to be one of the three gems for the ring. Besides, you can mix and match gemstone colors. Consider working with a designer who can think up more inventive ways to use these stones for this piece of jewelry.

Stay Within The Budget

Do you have a fixed engagement ring budget in mind? If you do, a great option may be the trinity ring. Choosing the two stones to be set around the centperiece can mean a less costly piece than a three-diamond ring that is just as beautiful. If you choose diamonds totaling two carats, the engagement ring will be stunning and personalized, plus it will cost less than a 2-carat solitaire ring.

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